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AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2

for checking inert and forming gases

AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2 is a handy battery-operated analyser that is ideal for use in welding and for monitoring high-purity gas supply e.g. in the semiconductor industry and pipeline construction. Checking the inert and forming gas is crucial because a lack of active gas components in the inert gas, which can be carbon dioxide or oxygen, will make the light arc unstable, leading to substandard welding.

AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2 is designed for checking the residual oxygen level in inert and forming gases. Oxygen can be absorbed not just from the ambient atmosphere but also by adsorbing surfaces so that the use of hydrogen as a reducing gas component is beneficial: this can be used in varying concentrations.

AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2 is therefore suitable when using H2 levels of up to 10%. In practice, regular testing of standard gasses and gas mixtures is needed to verify their precise composition and purity in use, such as e.g. to:

AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2 is used for optimised monitoring of inert gas mixtures containing CO2. At the same time both O2 and CO2 concentrations are accurately measured and recorded.

AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2 excels with easy operation, short measuring times, and low gas volume sample requirement. The integrated data logger supports traceability and provides complete documentation.

The AtmoCheck® software permits fast, uncomplicated communication, and is safe and easy to use. It is equipped with all facilities for converting handwritten measurements to electronic records.

AtmoCheck® WELD O2 / CO2 - Technical details
Measuring principle O2 electrochemical measuring cell*
Measuring range 0-25%; in 0.01% steps
CO2 measuring principle NDIR CO2**
Measuring range 0-100% in 0.1% steps
Measuring time Can be selected, approx. 10-60 sec.
Calibration Simple 2-point calibration
Measurement Automatic flexible connection lead with integral pump
Measurement memory Circulating memory for 1000 measurements
Interface USB port
Software AtmoCheck® data logger software
Temperature Gas/ambient 5-40°C
Display Backlit graphic display
Shutdown Automatic when not used for 2 minutes
Housing Shock-resistant plastic
Weight Approx. 425 g (without accessories)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 187x106x91 mm (without needle)
Power supply Integrated rechargeable battery (battery charger included in scope of supply)
Battery charger 110-240 VAC
Standards/building regulations company certified to ISO 9001
CE marking as per - EMV 2004/108/EG
- Low voltage directive 2006/95/EG